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What is the Best ISP in the US or UK to watch Netflix with?

We all know how annoying it is when you’re watching a video on YouTube and then suddenly it starts to buffer. But imagine if you’re half watch through watching your favorite TV show or movie and it starts buffering, then again and again for the whole night, which forces you to wait till the next day to finish whatever you were watching.

So to stop this problem from occurring and to stop you from slowly starting to develop withdrawal symptoms because you can’t keep watching season two of House of Cards, then you’re going to have to choose a better ISP, which can provide you a good download speed. So to help you solve this problem, we’re going to provide you with some of the best ISP’s you can go with, based on how fast their download speed is and also the best ISP for whichever country you live in.

So last week Netflix released it’s final ISP speed index update for December 2013 for the UK which revealed that Virgin Media was still at the top and continued to deliver the best performance for its service, but in a close second place was BT. But as usual the data only reports on the biggest broadband companies and the ratings reflect the average speed of all Netflix streams on each ISP.


Best UK ISP’s for Netflix

At this moment Netflix has not released the official numbers for any ISP in the US. But you are able to go over to a site which is run by Netflix which orders the best service providers for every country where Netflix is available, so this is where we will be getting our information for US service providers from. The following information is for February 2014 so it’s very much up to date, so if you’re looking for a new ISP to fix your Netflix buffering issues, then this a very good indication on who you should go for.

At the top of the list, a company which has been first now for a while is Cablevision Optimum has an average speed of around 2.97MBPs which is higher than the best the UK has to offer. The rest of the top five ISP’s are again companies which haven’t moved a single place since the last report and they go like this, Cox in second place (2.81MBPs) Suddenlink in third place (2.61MBPs) Charter (2.51MBPs) and finally Time Warner Cable in fifth place (2.24MBPs). Usually anything above 2MBPs is good for streaming video, so if you live in the US you have a wide range of service providers to choose from.


Best US ISP’s for Netflix

So there you have it, the best service providers for both the UK and the US, now you can all get back to watching House of Cards and Breaking Bad, this time without the issue of buffering interrupting your night. If you live outside the UK or the US, you can still visit Netflix’s ISP site here and look for your country on the list and see what your fastest ISP is.