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How to prevent bricking your Android Kit Kat device

You might be about to root your Android device or just make sure that you don’t completely destroy it, either way it is good to know how to not brick your Android Kit Kat device. All though it highly depends on what you are planning on doing there are several small things that will allow you to recover your data easier in case you do Brick your device.

What does it mean to “brick” your device? It is when a device has turned into a brick, not literally of course, but a hardware or software issue has caused the device to stop working and doesn’t allow you to recover any data. There are different types of “Bricked smartphones” eather soft-brick or hard-brick

Hard-Brick vs Soft-Brick The difference between them is that a Soft brick is easier to solve then a hard brick (hard bricking a device usually means you will have to buy a new one)

How to prevent bricking your device

  1. Keep USB debugging enabled: A good simple way that could help safe your phone if you do happen to brick your device is having USB Debugging enabled, this can be done from the Settings menu > About Phone, from there look for the build number and tap it 7 times. You can check if you have done it successfully by looking for the “Developer” option appearing in the Settings tab.
  2. Don’t flash your deviceOne thing that will increase the chance of getting your device bricked is if you start to install unofficial software or ROM’s.
  3. Use Nandroid to backup your device:  We have previously written about the best app to back up your Android device but Nandroid is different as it makes a de-facto standard directory structure for backing up your device completely (and i really do mean, completely). You can then use this back up to completely restore the device to its original state if its bricked, keep in mind that you will have to make the back up before bricking your device.