How to root any Android device without a computer

Rooting an Android device is something many users do as it allows you to download paid apps for free from the Play Store, allow you to update to the latest Android version before your carrier has released it, customize the look of the UI and many more.

If you want to root an Android device you usually need a computer to do it, but there is a Chinese app discovered by tfq that will allow you to root your Android device without the need of a computer, by simply installing the app. Lets take a look at the steps necessary to do just so, keep in mind the App is in Chinese and can’t be changed to any other language, so it is important that you follow the steps to know exactly what buttons to press:

  1. Backup your device, here is a guide how to back your Android device to the cloud without using a computer!
  2. Download MasterRoot APK
  3. Once installed, open up the app and press the Middle button with the word “ROOT” in it (see image bellow)
  4. The device will now check your Android version and whether your device is rootable, keep in mind that MasterRoot APK only works on Android 4.1.x – 4.3.x If you device is rootable, it will show a popup, hit the button “root” 
  5. Once it is done loading, a pop up will appear showing a red and purple button, this only appears once the device has been rooted so if you got this far, you have done so successfully. It is very important you choose the purple button
  6. Once this has been done the app will install Superuser and SuperSU to manage apps on the device, these apps do require root access. We recommend you restart the device once everything is done.

This is currently the only viable way of rooting your Android device without using a computer. AmongTech isn’t responsible for any damage caused to the device and we highly recommend you back up all of your data before installing RootMaster APK. Questions or tips? Leave a comment bellow!

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  1. Hye i am jef….your third screenshot shows a red and purple button…but when i press the root button it just pop out purple and there is ni red button on the left like yours…plz help

  2. I made it to the purple button, but when is all said and done the Superuser and SuperSU don’t install. Good or Bad?

  3. Please tell me that how to unroot my phone using this app ( root master) I have rooted my phone using this app but now I want to unroot my phone please tell

  4. On step 4 I pressed root and it did the loading thing then on step 5 instead of showing a red and purple button it showed one big purple button and when I clicked that another purple button would come up and when I clicked that it would be done but my phone wouldn’t be rooted. If only I could see what it says

  5. Very funny, you don’t know about the chinese word.In the step 5, the red colour button means donate and the purple button means cancel. Stupid

  6. After the 4th step, it show this….
    I have HTC Inspire 4G…. Is there any other way to root it without computer?? :

  7. Christine twilight, get Root success!

    Brothers pity Yi bar. Entered under trifoliate points ma

    Hui apps, let me chu s dime n bar, thank you

    Xianqianleiniu Pa Wang Wen

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