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How to hide stock apps on iOS 7.1

Apple has recently made iOS 7.1 available to the public as it previously was only available in beta for users with a developer account. But even though the beta is there to prevent the Golden Master (GM) version of iOS 7.1 to have bugs, a new bug has been discovered that allows you to hide the apps that come pre-installed on your iPhone or iPad (stock apps) from your device. This glitch however won’t completely remove the apps as it only hides them. The Glitch was first spotted by iDeviceHelpus, here is how to do it:

  1. Put all the apps you wish to hide in a single folder
  2. Drag the folder to your homescreen which has to be full of apps (this include both the home screen and the dock at the bottom)
  3. Then take 2 apps, drag them together and the moment the folder animation starts to appear, quickly drag the 2 apps over to the folder that you made earlier (this is the trickiest part) it should end up looking something like this:
  4. Once you have done this, remove the 2 apps you took at step 3 (in the case of the image above: Safari and Twitter). So now you should only have a folder in a folder, then get the folder you created in step 2 (located next to twitter called “navigation” if you look at the image above) which is now a sub-folder and drag it out of the main folder. This will cause the apps to hide from your system.

Want to get your apps back? Simply reboot your device and they will appear again, this does mean that everytime your device reboots you will have to do it again. We don’t expect this bug/glitch to be around for long since Apple will most likely fix it as it did with another bug that was available in iOS 7. Here is a video from iDeviceHelpus that shows how to do it