Google is giving $150 discount on 49 apps on the Play Store

Google has already given away free songs to users as part of its Sound of 2014 action but it is now giving a discount worth of $150 on more then 49 of the Play Store most popular apps, among them Deus Ex, Angry Birds, Goat Simulator, Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy and many more. Here is a full list of all apps:

Full list of apps Apps

  • Runtastic Pro ($4.99 now $2.99)
  • Over ($1.99 now $0.99)

Full list of Games

  • The Amazing Spiderman 2 ($6.99 now $0.99)
  • Flick Golf Extreme ($1.99 now $0.99)
  • Dragon Quest ($2.99 now $0.99)
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars ($4.99 now $2.99) Worth checking out!
  • Hey, That’s My Fish! ($2.99 now $0.99)
  • Temple Run: Oz ($1.99 now $0.49)
  • McPixel ($2.99 now $0.99Worth checking out!
  • Hitman GO ($4.99 now  $0.99Worth checking out!
  • Chaos Ring II ($15.99 now $6.99)
  • Reckless Racing 2 ($2.09 now $0.99)
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