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iOS 7 bug allows you to put a folder into a folder

A small bug in iOS 7 is allowing users to put a folder inside a folder. Apple’s latest software update has brought many improvements as far as organizing your apps go, increasing the amount of apps you can put in one folder and allowing you to have several pages in one folder, but now a bug discovered by TUAW allows you to create a folder in a folder. You must follow the following steps to do so:

  1. Create 2 folders and place them next to each other
  2. click on one folder so it becomes gray. This trick will not work if the apps begin to wiggle.
  3. As soon as it turns gray press the home button twice to go into multi-tasking mode
  4. click on the homescreen
  5. You should now be in your folder and able to drag your second folder which is located in the corner of the screen into your current open folder.

Didn’t really get that? Don’t worry, here is a handy GIF that will show you how to do it

This is however not the first time we have encountered this bug, it was also in the iOS 7 beta, but now that Apple has officially launched its new OS it turns out that they still haven’t fixed the issue. However, it is possible that Apple fixes this issue in the new iOS 7.0.3 update coming out later this week, if so we recommend you take out the nested folder and return it to normal before you update your iPhone or iPad incase it causes an error or for you to lose the apps in the nested folder. The final result should look something like this