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MultiROM for Nexus 6 – How to Install multiple ROMs

ROMs are great but most of the ones out their vary very little one from another and it is hard to choose just one. With MultiROM for Nexus 6 you can install multiple ROMs on one device and easily switch between them, the multi-boot mod has been available for some time but just now made compatible for the Nexus 6.

With MultiROM For Nexus 6 you can boot any Android ROM (like Cyanogenmod, Paranoid Android etc. ) as well as other systems like Ubuntu Touch, once they are ported to that device this also includes Microsoft’s future Windows 10 OS for Android.

How to install MultiROM For Nexus 6

multirom Nexus 6

  1. Download the app here
  2. select MultiROM and recovery on the Install/Update card
  3.  If the Status card says Kernel: doesn’t have kexec-hardboot patch! in red letters, you have to install also patched kernel
  4. To add a ROM boot into recovery
  5. Select “MultiROM”
  6.  Add ROM. Select the ROM’s zip file and confirm
  7. Once done, reboot your device
  8. You will now boot into the selected ROM