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How Long Do Batteries for Vaporizers Last? - 5

How Long Do Batteries for Vaporizers Last?

It’s no surprise that rechargeable batteries have become the standard for most electronics, including vaporizers. They can save users time and money, not to mention producing less waste than traditional one-and-done batteries. However, even rechargeable batteries eventually need to be tossed, especially if they’re used on a regular basis. Whether you’re using a vaporizer with…

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Gadget Cleaning 101 - 7

Gadget Cleaning 101

Gadgets are one of those things that we often use but usually forget about when it comes to making them dirt-free. The fact that we use our devices frequently calls for a need to clean regularly. Regular cleaning means preventing germ build-up and contributes in making sure that your electronics work at their best and…

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