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Intel CEO says its going to reveal innovative wearables at CES 2014

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich told Repost in an interview that it is going to reveal some very innovative wearable tech at this the 2014 Consumer Electronic Show ““What you will see at CES is that we are actually going to bring some very innovative wearables to the show that are developed and manufactured here [at Intel]”

Intel hasn’t been doing all too well on getting into new markets lately, it completely missed the smartphone market and is currently trying hard to get into the tablet market. All though it has been dominating the PC, Laptop and Ultrabook market, the future doesn’t look all too good for them. Krzanich is determined to become the leader in the smartwatch market and will demonstrate so at this years CES.

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Earlier this year the Quark line of chips debuted, all though it hasn’t been used in smartwatches and wearable tech yet, Krzanich said that the quark line of chips “can make almost everything smart” and that the chips will most likely be used more and more in all type of wearable and portable gear.

“We’ll show you some things that you would never have thought could become smart and communicate.

But smartwatches and tablets are not all “We’ll bring some new innovations in imaging, for example. That’s about all I can tell you for now.” Lets not forget that Intel showed us their first hologram at CES back in 2009, here is a video from it

It seems like Intel has been a little bit confused over the past few years as it kept improving its PC line of products but missed a few very big markets, but Krzanich tries to ensure us that Intel is back and it is here to stay and he will demonstrate us at CES 2014 just what he means.