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How To Stay Safe From Online Scams

Online scams and email hacks are nothing new: I’m sure everyone with an email account has received a version of the wealthy businessman from Nigeria wanting to share his riches with you at some point in time. Did you know this is one of the oldest tricks in the book? It’s been around for almost 200 years, with the New York Times reporting on it as early as 1898. But as the years have passed, these scams are becoming more and more sophisticated as hackers learn how to emulate the emails that you’re used to receiving and clicking without a thought.

Fearing for online safety of the masses, Data Label have created an infographic showing the “behind the scenes” action of how email scams can work, with a malicious server passing on the personal information stored in your email account to cyber criminals once hackers have gained access to it via security breaches. The graphic also gives a few tips on how you can avoid being caught by these scams, including making sure that your browser and antivirus software are up to date, being wary of links or attachments in emails, even if the address and message itself look real, or simply just having a spam filter on your email account which can catch the majority of these emails before they even reach your inbox.

Take a look at the infographic for more information, and spread the word!

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Online Scams & How To Avoid Them

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