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Difference between the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Neo

At this year’s MWC Samsung has announced not just 1 but 2 new version of its smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear called the Galaxy Gear 2 and the new Galaxy Gear Neo. The Galaxy Gear 2 is much different from its predecessor as it runs on Tizen OS instead of Android and has improved hardware and battery life, but how is the Galaxy Gear 2 different from the Galaxy Gear Neo?

gear 2 and gear neo

What they have in common: It would be easier to start with what they both can do and what they have in common. Both of the smartwatches are meant to be a companion for your smartphone, receive notifications from incoming calls and text messages and do all of the things you could do with the original Galaxy Gear, they both will be able to connect to more then 16 different devices in the Galaxy lineup, they both feature the same specs, have customizable straps, come in 3 different colors and run Tizen.

samsung gear 2 and gear neo

What makes them different? As you can see they both are very similar one to another, so what makes them different? Well, the Gear Neo is a cheaper version and doesn’t come with a built-in camera like the Gear 2 which features a 2 megapixel front-facing camera that allows you to make pictures and capture videos which then can be synced between your Galaxy smartphone or tablet.

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