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Design for the Sony Xperia i1 leaked

A few hours ago, it seems that pictures of the new Sony Xperia i1 were “leaked” on the Chinese social networking website; Sino Weibo. After this, the picture’s were found and republished by an American technology site, Engadget The images bear a striking resemblance to the Sony Xperia Z, which was released in 2012. It seems like, Sony noticing how the design worked for them decided to carry it on into the ‘i1’. Now on my first article for the website, I commented on if the Ubuntu Edge is released how phones will have to upgrade their specs to compete. It seems like the Sony has already started this process with amazing specs to boot. In earlier leaks, it seems like the specs for the Xperia i1 are:

  • 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 processor
  • 5-inch Full HD 1080p display
  • 20-megapixel camera with high-end 1/2.3-inch Exmor RS sensor
  • 2-megapixel front-facing camera
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 3000mAh battery
  • 16GB of internal storage and Micro-SD support (up to 64GB) 

With these stats, Sony’s competitors will have much to think about when designing a phone to rival the new Xperia i1. Having a full HD display will allow you to watch movies in full detail, which in my eyes will give it a huge advantage over other competitors as rival phones right now may only support 720p. The inclusion of a new processor is impressive and for someone like me, makes the decision to buy this phone a no-brainer and even if you are not like me and you don’t view the specs, you should be pleased that you will not be having the same battery issues as the previous Xperia Z as Sony have added an 3000mAh battery to stop the phone draining out of charge faster. Also, adding onto this, one of the largest rumours surrounding this phone is the fact that Sony have added a 20 megapixel rear-end camera with a 1/2.3-inch Exmor RS sensor which is very impressive. But, we cannot forget the fact that it will have 16GB of internal storage and as usual has Micro-SD support but only up to 64GB. The phone will be dust and water proof as the previous phones in the Xperia range.

As of now, it seems like we do not know what version of Android the phone will have but it is rumoured to have the latest Android 4.3 when released in September. But for now, all of this information is speculation so we will not know the full specs and design for the phone in till September as Sony is expected to officially unveil the smartphone in Berlin on September 4th.