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Google “Make me a Sandwich” easter egg

Spotted by the Redditor znupi “Make me a Sandwich” is a funny Easter egg included into the Google Now app on Android. When asking “Google, make me a sandwich” it will reply with “What? make it yourself!”, “Poof you’re a sandwich” or with “You’re a sandwich!” depending on if you have the UK or US voice enabled. If you ask “Sudo, make me a sandwich” you get a simple reply of “Ok.” (Sudo is a UNIX command that will execute a command as Administator) Here is a video demonstrating the Easter egg

There are many little easter eggs in Google, one of them is typing “Zerg Rush” into Google search and you can play a fun game destroying flying “O”. The easter egg is thought to be included in the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android, version 4.0