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2 Methods on how to create a BackUp of your device running Android L

We have previously written about several methods you can use to create a backup of your Android Device but there are currently just a few apps available that allow you to easily create a backup and restore all your data if you are running Google’s latest version of Android, Android L. We are going to take a look at both Backup + Alpha and Titanium Backup, both apps allow you to create a backup and fully support Android L

How to create a Backup your Device running Android L using Backup + Alpha

  1. First, we are going to download Backup + Alpha from the Play Store here
  2. The app provides a wide variety of settings allowing you to create One click batch Backup/Restore, Multiple backups and select one of the 3 type of backups (App only, Data only, App+data)
  3. Fire up the app and click on Backup/Restore
  4. Choose either System apps or User Apps
  5. On the bottom right of the screen you can select the type of backup, we recommend you select “App+Data”
  6. Select the apps you want to create a copy of
  7. Click the “Backup Now” button

How to create a backup of Android L using Titanium Backup

  1. Titanium Backup is an incredible popular backup tool and in version 6.2 of the app (which is currently in beta) the team has added support for Android L. You can download the TitaniumBackup_6.2.0-test5_r342_Market.apk here
  2. Once installed, fire up the app
  3. On the top, select Restore/Backup
  4. Choose the desired option from the list
  5. And you are done.