Nokia Z Launcher APK Download Version 1.0 Beta

Nokia has just made the Nokia Z Launcher APK Version 1.0 (beta) available of its Z Launcher together with the announcement of the N1, Nokia’s first Android tablet. Version 1.0 will make the launcher compatible with all android devices while it previously was only available on a handful.

Nokia Z Launcher apk

Z Launcher 1.0 also has some improvements and modifications compared to version 0.2 as BGR get hold of the change log from the Slush 2014 presentation:

  • Improved speed
  • Improved Optimization
  • Improved prediction
  • more context incorporated into the app algorithm
  • Refined Scribble with improved recognition response time
  • Added new Chinese language support
  • Ability to install Z Launcher on rooted hardware

Nokia Z Launcher APK Download

Keep in mind that in order to manually install you are required to run Android 4.0+ and maximum run Android 4.4, this means that if you have Android Lollipop installed, you won’t be able to use the launcher. Download Z Launcher.apk

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