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Top 5 reasons apps get rejected from the App Store

Developing an app is one thing but getting it approved by Apple can be an incredible challenge. With a ton of restrictions and guidelines to meet most apps have to be submitted several times before getting approved. Lets take a look at the top 5 reasons Apps get rejected from the App Store (source)

  1. Lack of information: This is the reason more then 14% of all apps get rejected from the App store. The description or information given about the purpose of the app might not be enough or doesn’t match what the actual app does.
  2. Apps that have bugs: All software has bugs and apps are no exception but many bugs cause important features to not work, these apps get immediately rejected and are responsible for more than 8% of all app rejects.
  3. Fake information: Over 5% of all apps get rejected for a very silly reason. Description or screenshots provided don’t match the actual app.
  4. Complex Interface: If your app is hard to navigate it could get rejected, over 6% of all apps get rejected for this very reason. Next time you are thinking about your next app make sure to pay attention to your navigation menu
  5. Apps that are in beta: Apple only allows completed apps into its App store and not ones which are in “beta” phase or “trial” phase.

Did you have trouble getting your app approved? Let us know the story of your app!