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Aiwatch GT08+ Smart Watch Phone: Your Wearable Technology Buddy

I’m sure we all know that someone who’s so deeply consumed by their smartphone, it might as be attached to their body. Don’t be surprised if they are literally attached to one the next time you meet!  With the introduction of the Apple iWatch as well as Android Wear, wearable technology has come into fashion. The smart watch has become the buzzworthy gadget of the season.

Take a closer look at the smart watch, however, and you will notice that it’s essentially nothing more than a smartphone of compact size—a kind of little brother. What this means for the consumer is that the makers of inexpensive smartphone brands are largely capable of producing an affordable smart watch suitable for the budget-minded gadget freak.

The Aiwatch GT08+ Smart Watch Phone is a nifty piece of wearable technology that’s currently available for only $37.49. If I wasn’t tempted to get a smart watch before, I certainly was when I learned about the Aiwatch and its affordable price. It may not have quite the same cachet as an Apple iWatch, but on the other hand, it is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. That’s a top-notch feature.

The Aiwatch takes a standalone SIM card that allow you to use it as a phone on its own right. Make or answer calls from your watch! It supports Bluetooth 3.0, so you can use it in combination with an earpiece. You can also send and receive SMS messages on the watch. Contacts can be stored in an address book, which will sync with your smartphone’s contacts list.

The watch face exhibits an attractive 1.54” touchscreen with an interface that’s responsive and simple to navigate. You can quickly access the Aiwatch’s various features, such as the 0.3-megapixel camera, music player, pedometer, and sleep monitor.

You can program the Aiwatch to give you reminders to get up and stop being so sedentary. More than a simple watch, it’s a buddy that can help you learn healthier habits. Now that’s a good reason to have a piece of wearable technology attached to your person.

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