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Beats Music is now part of the Official Apple apps list

Several months back Apple confirmed it had acquired Beats for $3 billion and with that acquisition, Apple also got its hands on the Beats Music app which now appears under the “Apple Apps list” which previously only included official Apple apps like its iLife and iWork apps, Find My Phone, iTunes U and Find my Friends. Beats Music is the first app that hasn’t been developed by Apple to make the list and it is also the first non-free app as Beats Music has a $99 a year subscription fee

Apple has also started promoting the Beats Music app to new iPhone and iPad users. When you purchase a new iOS device a pop-up window will appear showing off official Apple apps with the message “Get the most out of your iPad, here are some great free apps to get started” this list now also includes the Beats Music app (spotted by 9to5mac)

Beats Music is a music service similar to Spotify and allows users to listen to music, create their own playlist choosing from more then 20 million songs and listen to different music stations. The app also provides the option to download albums to listen to music offline.