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Beats reveals new Space Gray, silver and Gold colored Apple Earbuds

Right after the leaked video from Dr Dre on his Facebook page in which he announces that Beats will be acquired by Apple, the Silicon Valley based audio equipment manufacturer reveals new “Apple Earbuds”. The new earbuds will be available in the same colors Apple’s flagship smartphone the iPhone 5S is: Space Gray, Silver and Gold.

The Earbuds are made from Metal and are designed to match your iPhone.  All though the acquisition hasn’t been confirmed by neither Apple or Beats, the fact that they have just announced Apple themed headphones sends a pretty clear message.

The headphones are available for pre-order starting at 79£, it is yet unknown when these earbuds will be officially released. Many users have been criticizing Apple regarding the Beats acquisition as they consider it an “overpriced, over-bassed” headphone manufacturer and don’t think it will fit well into the Apple Culture. Beats has a very different way of approaching headset design (something that fits well with Apple) and as far as “over-bassed” goes it is more of a personal preference but i think they have proven themselves to be up for the task with the new Apple Earbuds.

For all the bassheads who like deep bass you can be sure Apple will keep making the same Beats sound signature which has been hugely successful. Apart from making one of the coolest and most popular headphones Beats Solo, the new Powerbeats 2 Wireless explore fitness market as they are one of the best earbuds for running. With the acquisition we hope to see Apple to incorporate its build quality with the new models as so far, this has been the only lacking feature of Beats headphones.

Here are some more images of the new earbuds

Apple earbuds

gold apple earbuds

Silver apple earbuds by beats