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Is Swipe the Arrow the new Flappy Bird?

Just when your Flappy Bird addiction starts to disappear there is a new game you can waste hours of your life playing and it might be the most addictive game on iOS yet.

This game is called Swipe the Arrow and is very simple, arrows start to appear on the screen, if it is a black arrow you have to swipe to the direction the arrow is pointing to, if it is a white and black arrow you have to swipe to the opposite direction the arrow is pointing to, sounds easy right?

The simplicity of the app and easy game mechanics could make Swipe the arrow into the next Flappy Bird, Reviews about the not-so-popular yet iOS game prove just how addictive this game is “I’m already hooked. This game is fun” or “I love this concept and is really fun and can really mix you up occasionally”.

swipe the arrow game

The Game features several different modes Arcade mode, Race mode and Time Attack mode.

  • Arcade mode: Try to set a new highscore by swiping until your miss. There is no time limit and you can keep going until you make the wrong swipe
  • Race Mode: Try to not miss any swipe as the arrows start to come at you faster and faster
  • Time Attack: Try to get as many arrows as fast as possible.

After the creator of Flappy bird pulled its app from the App Store and Play Store the game never became as popular as it once was, the reason why Nguyen pulled it down is because the game had “ruined his life.” The hugely popular game had become too “addictive”.  If you have some time to kill this summer, you can download Swipe the arrow here