How to install CM12 Nightly on the Nexus 9

Cyanogen has finally released the new CM12 Nightly for the Nexus 9, Google’s latest addition to the Nexus tablet family. Cyanogenmod 12 for the Nexus 6 has been available since the announcement  but the team has struggled to get CM12 on the Nexus 9.

CM12 for the Nexus 9 is now live and ready to download from the official Cyanogenmod website here. Keep in mind that this is not the final Cyanogenmod 12 version, instead just a Nightly. We expect CM12 to become available in the upcoming months.

CM12 for Nexus 9

How to install CM12 Nightly on the Nexus 9

  1. First, download the here
  2. Flash the .zip file to your Nexus 9 internal storage
  3. Boot your Nexus 9 into recovery mode
  4. We highly recommend you perform a system backup, you can learn how to do so here
  5. Perform a factory reset, wipe all data and ART cache (learn more about ART and Dalvik)
  6.  Go to “install zip from sdcard” > “choose zip from sdcard”.
  7. Choose the previously downloaded and flashed CM12 Nightly folder.
  8. Don’t forget to Download Gapps for CM12
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