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You can now download Torrents on your iPhone or iPad

For years Apple didn’t allow Torrent apps on its app store “because this category of applications is often used for the purpose of infringing third-party rights” according to Apple but you can now download torrents directly to your iPhone or iPad.


Meet Blue Downloader a BitTorrent app available for $2.99, the app uses an built-in browser to download torrents, the only restriction the app has is that you can only download torrents from several sources like, Linuxtracker and Bitlove. The developer of the app Harrison Tyler told TorrentFreak that he implemented these restrictions to improve his odds of getting the app approved by Apple “I am not for restrictions normally, but as I am bending the accessibility of the app based on Apple’s will,”

So for those who have been waiting to download torrents on your iOS device, check out Blue Downloader.