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Watch Torrent movies on your smartphone with Popcorn time for Android

Remember Popcorn time ? The service also being called “The Netflix of Torrents” is back from being dead and it is more alive then ever. PopCorn Time has just become available on Android, allowing users to stream torrent movies for free to their Android Smartphone. Check out the app on the Play Store

The app is just as well designed as the desktop version was and allows for HD video quality streaming. The software uses the bittorrent protocol to allow users to stream movies and tv shows which previously had to be downloaded, since it uses torrents to do so the service is free and really easy to use due to its well designed UI.

Popcorn Time for Android

These 2 factors were one of the many reasons the software (which was previously only available for Mac, Windows and Linux) became an immediate hit as it offered what many other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video did without the content limitations of these services and without paying a single penny. The new Android app was announced in style with a 1:50 minute short animated movie