Why will the Amazon Smartphone have 6 cameras?

You might have heard about the recent leaks regarding Amazon’s upcoming Smartphone (who’s name is yet unknown, but for now, lets call it the Kindle smartphone). According to BGR who claims inside sources have confirmed both the specs and shared images of the device, the upcoming handheld smartphone from the worlds biggest ecommerce store will have 6 cameras.

why 6 cameras? Why not just 2 like the other smartphones? Well, from the 6 a total of 5 are rear facing but to understand why there are so many we have to take a look at the devices display. all though the resolution might just be 1080p, the device will feature a 3D display that allows you to see 3D without the need of any special glasses. Everything on the device will be made to be displayed in 3D, except for pictures.

If you take a picture with a non-3D camera, it looks horrible if you turn on the 3D (those who have a flat screen TV that supports three dimensional technology might know what i am talking about when turning on the 3D feature on a non-3D tv channel). The 5 rear facing cameras are there to be able to take 3D pictures. A 3D version of the picture and non-3D version will be stored on the device, it safes 2 copies to make sure you can see a non 3D version of the picture if you send it to someone or store it on your computer (which is most likely not 3D).

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  1. I don’t know how I feel about having things be 3D on my phone. And, with all the cameras and 3D technology, just how much is this phone going to cost? I’m sure it’ll be a lot.

    1. Well, the Kindle fire is known for its low price and the new Amazon Fire TV is also very cheap. I don’t expect Amazon to bring out an expensive smartphone.

  2. Six cameras might be on every side of phone! Front, Rear, Right, Left, Up, Down for 360 + 360 video record or photo capture…

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