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WhatsApp is working on a Tablet version

The recently acquired by Facebook IM app called WhatsApp is working on a version for tablets an anonymous WhatsApp employee confirms to the Bild. The app with more then 400 million users is currently only available on smartphones running Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

A tablet version of the app is a “much requested feature by our users” and WhatsApp is also looking at dominating the tablet IM market, as Apple’s own iMessage and several other popular IM apps are compatible with tablets. According to the anonymous employee, there is currently no desktop version of the app in development. Here are some other features that according to the source are currently being tested:

  • Snapchat-like removal feature: The same source also claims that the app could get a similar feature to SnapChat in which the user can set the time when the image should be removed
  • Night Mode: Could be introduced in future versions allowing users to enable a much darker version of the current design, which will prevent your eyes from hurting.
  • iOS 8 quick-reply: WhatsApp will be one of the first apps to add support for iOS 8 “Quick Reply” feature.  

All these features are expected to come in the upcoming WhatsApp update, including the long awaited VOIP Call  which will allow users to make phone calls over Cellular or Wifi.