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5 ERP Programs Your Business Should Look Into

Enterprise resource planning software (ERP) is software that is used by business for back-room management. This could include human resources, technology, and different types of services. If your business is trying to find the best ERP, here are some great options that you can choose from. Be advised, you need to consider the implications of using ERP software. It requires adequate planning, and it is always best to reach out to the professionals to avoid all problems related to integration.



‘‘MRPeasy is a leading cloud-based MRP for small manufacturers (10 – 200 employees), enabling customers to operate with a self-service ERP/MRP system. The system provided by MRPeasy allows clients to take advantage of rich Production Planning, accurate reporting and a built-in Standard Accounting module.

The system makes it possible to take full control over the management of production, stock, customers, purchases, finances, and the team.  For example, you can get a simple environment for line workers to view tasks on a PC or a mobile device, real-time shop floor reporting, and a real-time overview of the demand and availability of human resources.

With MRPeasy, it’s always possible to promise accurate lead times for quoting. What’s more, you can significantly adjust the usage of your equipment, making it much more efficient by using real-time reporting.

And that’s not the only aspect of the system that provides real-time functionality, as it’s also possible to achieve this with your inventory overview. Now you can take full control by preventing stock-outs and lower inventory levels. Moreover, you can automate your inventory transactions, view purchase requirements, track lots, and much more!

This system also enables companies to achieve timely and precise deliveries, meaning that you can improve overall customer satisfaction, predict on-point cost and lead times, shorten your lead times, and ship your products as soon as they’re ready.

Finally, MRPeasy offers firms the opportunity to achieve a complete overview of their business with a user-friendly system that eliminates the need for outdated methods such as the usage of Microsoft Excel docs. Once again, this is your chance to take control of your business, and to make sure that communication and processes are no longer hindered by your current system!’’

E2 Shop System

E2 Shop System is specifically designed for shop-type businesses that provide a service. For example, a mechanic shop would be the perfect business for this software. When giving someone a quote on their vehicle, you could use the “quickie quotes” section of the software. It will calculate labor, parts, overhead, and anything else that needs to be considered in the estimate. The quote can be turned into an order to order the parts without having to enter any other data. There is an interface that is simple to navigate. It’s broken into four sections on the main screen: customers, vendors, shop central, and quality. If you have a company that needs to ship items to people or other businesses, you generate packing slips and shipping labels quickly and even track the package right through the interface. This ERP system is supported by any computer with Windows 2000 or higher, so you can use it with older computers, too.

Intacct Software

The Intacct Software program is an accounting program that works for any type of business. It’s all web-based, so you don’t need to install large program files into the work computers. The accounting program accounts for purchasing, ordering, billing, revenue, time expenses, and more. When small businesses try to do their own accounting, they tend to leave out key factors that give them the wrong numbers. For example, you need to account for the time it takes to do the work and every other small factor with running the business. This software is so easy to use, anyone can do it. Intacct has a dashboard that shows you graphs and charts of your sales and revenue. There is also an order entry section, invoice, customer information, and a corporate view dashboard.


Infor is probably one of the best ERP programs you can use. This is because it’s more than resource planning. It also does enterprise asset management, enterprise performance management, supply chain management, enterprise financial management, and more. It is lead by CEO Charles Phillips, who successfully served as president of the Oracle Corporation, among many other achievements. The asset management (EAM) portion of the program, allows businesses to save up to 50% in overtime, contractor, and labor costs. They also see 20% reduction in production downtime, maintenance material costs, and energy. It also gives customers a 50% reduction in purchasing costs and a 50% increase in warranty cost recovery. Infor will give your business more uptime, easier scheduling of preventative maintenance, and strategic planning. One of the best parts about Infor is that it works for any type of business. The ERP gives your business industry-specific functionality, so you aren’t left with only needing to use half of the available options. If you want to reach out to your customers but don’t really know where to start, the customer management portion will allow you to make new marketing campaigns easily. You can grow your brand by obtaining new customers and see increased brand loyalty from your current customers.


Netsuite is a program that provides both ERP and CRM functions. CRM is customer relationship management, which allows businesses to work with customers on a more personal level. The design of Netsuite makes it a great fit for businesses that specialize in a wide range of industries. One great thing about this software is that it can be used general employees, middle-management, and upper-management. There is a Senior Executive dashboard and a CFO dashboard. They can easily see the data they need to see in real-time without waiting for employees to generate reports. There is also a sales manager dashboard and an inventory manager dashboard. This allows everyone to do their jobs easily and have information updated immediately for everyone who needs to look at it. Netsuite can be managed through a web browser or even on a mobile device, allowing employees to get the information they need from any computer or while on the go.


Chempax is another program that provides both ERP and CRM. However, this program is solely designed for chemical process distributors and manufacturers. It works for bother smaller and large companies because you can scale it to meet the needs of your customer size. There is muli-language and multi-currency support for businesses who work internationally. Some other amazing features such as product lifecycle management, business intelligence, and supply chain management allow you to do everything you need right there in one place. You can even see rebates for purchasing certain amounts of your product and price support, which can save you a lot of money throughout the year. If anyone has any issues using the software, there is a one-click support option to receive help from experienced industry professionals.

No two businesses are the same, so the same software won’t work for everyone. Check out the different types of software to see which ERP program is best for your business.