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Using Firefox OS apps on Android

Many of you might have heard of Firefox OS  the new mobile operation system from Firefox based on HTML and Javascript. Google already provides many tools that allows developers to easily port their app from one platform to another, but if you want to use an app that is available on Firefox OS you don’t even have to wait until a develop makes the app available on Android.

How is this possible? Firefox OS is build on HTML which has its advantages and disadvantages, but in this case one of the biggest advantages of using HTML (which is that it can be interpreted by a web browser) is what makes it possible to run a Firefox OS app on Android.

So how can i do it?

  1. Download the Firefox web browser on the Play Store
  2. On the “Top Sites” window you will see a page called Firefox Marketplace
  3. Open it up, click on an app and press “Install”
  4. Voila!

I downloaded an app, but how can i run it? Since it is downloaded in the browser, it will have to be opened from the firefox browser, similar to how a web browser extension works on your desktop computer.