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How to Install the Android 5.0 Lollipop Developer Preview on the Nexus 4

For those who just can’t wait to get Android Lollipop on their Nexus 4 XDA developer user flithydelphia has managed to port the enhanced version of the 81c developer preview that Google release on the Nexus 6 It offers a permissive selinux policy, aosp merged in and rock solid stability along with drastic improvements in speed and smoothness”.

Currently the only issue is that the mobile radio doesn’t work and of course the bugs that the software contains. This following things do work with the port: New homescreen, App Drawer, New Messenger app, New Gmail app, Google Fit, New play music app and Play Books. You can check out some screenshots hereHere is a guide on How to install Android 5.0 Lollipop Developer Preview Nexus 4

How To  Install the Android 5.0 Lollipop Developer Preview on the Nexus 4 (Mako)

  1. Download the here
  2. Put the file onto your Internal Storage
  3. Reboot into Recovery CWM or TWRP
  4. Perform a wipe data/factory reset of your device
  5. “mounts and storage” -> “format system”
  6. Navigate to “install zip” -> “install zip from sdcard” -> choose the
  7. Once done, perform a reboot into system
  8. Keep in mind that the first boot may take up to 10 minutes
  9. Voila!

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