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Only 9 users have reported their iPhone 6 bending

Several days ago we reported  on users claiming their iPhone 6 is bending in their pockets. After this the internet pretty much blew up with several famous youtubers trying out different things to bent their iPhone and phone manufacturers (like Samsung and LG) immediately jumped in on the action by trying to use it in their advantage, here is a tweet from Samsung regarding BendGate:

curved not bend

The amount of commotion this issue has created is widely exaggerated for how big the issue really is, according to CNBC Apple has confirmed that as of now there are only 9 reported cases in which an iPhone 6 Plus bent in their pocket keep in mind that Apple has sold during its launch weekend more then 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


If you are still worried about your iPhone 6 plus bending in your pocket (it should only slightly worry you if you wear skinny jeans on a frequent basis) Jonathan Morrison did a test (you can check the video here) proving that the phone does actually bend less if it has has a smartphone case.