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Why every offline or online shop needs an SMS service tool. How to choose the right one.

How to raise the profile of online or offline shop with the help of SMS service

Internet shops have invaded the web. There are many solid companies with long history of success. This is why starting anything new under such conditions takes maximum effort. Tiny new shops seem invisible. Clients come over from time to time for a purchase or two and forget about you.

To keep the lights on, you should be creative and smart. Or try out mass text messaging service. Short messages during all stages of order make clients feel safe and secure.

Inform them about all new promotions and special offers. Discounts attract one third of all clients. There is no need to overpay for commercials. All you need is a proven SMS service tool.

Recently, businessmen prefer multi-purpose software. One of the leaders is Intistele. Here are its main advantages:

Quick start

Buying suitable plan you get a ready-to-use module. After quick registration copy a token and save the key in corresponding window of settings tab. This usually takes from three to five minutes.

As soon as the account is registered – sending messages option becomes available. Choose and activate the name. Most of users sign their SMS with company names, making clients aware of content inside the message. Do not make sender name too long or too short.

Order processing

As soon as you install it – the program studies events related to orders from the online store. It examines every stage of them. And after a few settings intistele is ready for work.

Customers receive confirmation every time:

  • when their order is created;
  • after receiving the payment;
  • drilldown report on all purchase details;
  • delivery confirmation.

Instead of e-mails, phone calls or letters send one tiny message. It is up-to-date, easy, and quick. Save time and money on extra workers.



Each module can be adjusted to meet company’s unique needs. Every online shop has its own specialization. This is why additional functions are must-have. Among the most widely used ones are:

  • SMS on order status change;
  • delivery permission;
  • order cancellation;
  • promotion information.

Sometimes big companies separate their customers in a few groups, sending different offers to them. They work out schemes depending on all latest purchases promoting several groups of products at a time.


The main benefit of this system is its rapidity. In split second, any information reaches thousands of people. Do you want to promote a product? Type two lines and press ‘send’. Enjoy impressive customers’ flow.

People receive your information directly to their phones. No irritating e-mail downloads or rainbow papers in mailbox, which irritate even more.

Developer guarantees 100% productivity. It is hard to find a person who ignores SMS nowadays. Moreover, you get the best advertising for relatively low price.