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CyanogenMod soon to allow AirPlay mirroring on Android

Cyanogen creates aftermarket firmware for Android devices and are the developers behind CyanogenMod. VP of Engineering Koushik Dutta has just posted a video to his official youtube channel showing off a new function in the CyanogenMod on which they are working that will allow Android devices to stream and mirror to the Apple TV.

The Apple TV has just gotten a update to version 6.0 with new improved airplay features and integration of iTunes Radio, Currently the Apple TV only supports these functions if you use a iDevice and doesn’t support Android at all, but Koushki Dutta says that this mirroring feature is “coming soon to a CyanogenMod near you” making them the first in being able to do so. Cyanogen became a official company as of September 18, 2013 and first launched its Mod in 2009.