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What are the 5 Best Apple TV enabled iOS apps

We all know that Apple’s streaming device the Apple TV is a great device to have connected to your TV allowing you to easily access Netflix, Hulu, iTunes radio and all of the other services available. All though it has several Apps the Apple TV doesn’t have an App store, limiting its capabilities and not revealing the full potential of how much a media device could mean to your living room.

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There are little apps on the Apple TV but there are thousands of apps which can be mirrored using Airplay from your iOS device to your Apple TV and have been optimized to do so, if you are someone that loves apps and Apple TV this list is really for you. Here are the 5 best apple TV enabled apps:

1. AirWeb web browser

We have talked about this browser previously and it is really a must have allowing you to surf the web on your Apple TV, which you control with the touch screen of your idevice. The browser is different from Safari since it allows you to browse using the full screen of your TV instead of a small screen like it usually is when mirroring your iDevice. Check AirWeb out on the App Store

2. FlipBoard

Flipboard is one of the all time most downloaded apps allowing users to browse news by different topics of interest using an original “tile” interface which has beautiful animations when “flipping” your news board. Flipboard (when airplaid to your AppleTV) will show in full-screen and will allow you to enjoy your news on the big screen. Check out the app on the App Store

3. FitnessClass

If you are one of those people that just love working out from home you might want to think on getting FitnessClass. The app is made with the intention to be airplaid on the Apple TV allowing you to get a full overview of your workout, performance, videos on how to do certain workouts and many more fitness related stuff. You can download it from the App Store

4. Stitcher


With over 20.000 podcasts and radio shows Stitcher allows you to listen to all of your favorite radio stations and podcast, optimized for the Apple TV in using your sound system and getting a full-screen overview of the app on the big screen. The app is available for Free on the App Store

5. AirVideo

airvideo app

It is not the cheapest app from the list but its pretty awesome. AirVideo allows you to stream videos from your iPad to your Apple TV which saves you having to put them on iTunes and then sync them, simply upload them to AirVideo and you are good to go. The app is conected to your network to your computer. The app is available for $2.99 on the App Store