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XNSPY – An iPhone Tracking Software That Works as Hard as You Do

People search for monitoring and tracking apps for many reasons, some might use it to keep their children safe, others might use it for their businesses and some even use it to manage themselves – for personal data protection and as a partial backup. Whatever the motive behind them searching for iPhone tracking software, today we will discuss an app that is small and discrete, yet powerful and works hard to keep you updated regarding your device(s) – the app is called XNSPY.


About the App:

Let us introduce you to the app – its compatibility, its price, its installation, and many of its features and functionalities. XNSPY can be used on any iOS device regardless of it being jailbroken or not, unlike typical run-of-the-mill type apps which say they are a compatible iPhone tracking software yet they only work if the device is jailbroken. XNSPY offers two packages a Premium Edition and a Basic Edition, allowing freedom to pay according to the functionality you require. This is another thing that most commercially available apps don’t offer, they give a ton of features and charge ridiculous prices for it and the customer has to buy it even though they might not require many of the features. This app offers a competitive price; the Basic Edition costs as low as $8.32/month and the Premium costs as low as $12.49/month.

After you have purchased your required edition, you are sent an email with your login credentials for the online dashboard that you will use to control the app. You will also be sent an activation code that you will need when installing the app on your iPhone and/or iPad, and an installation guide with a step-by-step process to installing the app on your device. Just a note, for jailbreak devices you will require one-time access to the device you wish to install the app on. For the no-jailbreak devices, you just require the iCloud credentials for installation and no physical access to the device is required. The app itself is pretty small and that allows for quick and easy installation.

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XNSPY has a great stealth mode, meaning once it is installed and you have selected it to be invisible; it is difficult to detect and nearly impossible to uninstall from the device without the knowledge or permission of the app owner. This iPhone tracking software uses minimal resources to carry out its tasks; this complements its stealth feature. It does not drain the battery or slow down the device it is installed on. As we have mentioned the reports and date that the app gathers can be accessed via the online control panel that is virtually accessible from anywhere on the planet – provided you have a device with a web browser and a decent Internet connection.  Below we have listed and described some of its great features:

  • Call Records: The app keeps a log of all incoming and outgoing calls that are available for the app owner to see via the online dashboard. Details such as the Contact name, number, duration, date, and time are also mentioned along with the call recording and the location of where it took place.
  • Text Records: Text messaging that has taken place through SMS, IM Chat, and/or Emails is also available to the app owner to read. Details such as Contact name, number, email address, date, and time are included along with the message itself.
  • Internet Use and Calendar Schedules: XNSPY also makes available to the app user the browsing history and the bookmarks that are stored on the device being monitored. The Calendar schedules and any other meetings or highlighted dates in the Calendar app are also accessible by the app owner to check and read.
  • Location Tracking and Geofencing: This is the main function that makes XNSPY the ideal hardworking iPhone tracking app. The location tracking feature provides the current location of the device and a history of where it’s been throughout the day. Coupled with the geofencing capability this makes a very powerful feature, allowing the app user to define certain areas, so that whenever the device comes near to and/or enters or leaves the specified area – a notification is sent immediately to the app owner informing them of the event.
  • Watchlists: Another powerful alert feature that allows the app owner freedom from always monitoring the dashboard. The app owner can set up a watchlist for contacts so that whenever a specific person has some sort of communication with the device owner, a notification is emailed to the app owner. This feature also allows certain words to be watchlisted that when used, trigger an alert that sends an email with the complete message that the word was used in and also details such as contact name, number, email address, date, and time.
  • Remote Control: Through the dashboard the user can remotely lock any app, lock the phone itself and change the password and also delete all data from the iPhone or iPad.

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As you can see there are many useful and powerful features offered by this app how they are put to use is solely up to the user. We hope that you find the review about XNSPY useful.