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Apple TV gets new Vevo, Disney, Weather and Smithsonian channel app

The Apple TV keeps getting more and more Apps, this time Vevo, Disney Channel, Disney Channel XD, The Weather channel and Smithsonian are being added to the small $99 device. The Apple TV now has a total of 13 apps of which most are video streaming Apps. 

Vevo released a official press release announcing the fact that their 75.000 music video library is now available on the popular device allowing users to watch on demand videos and select “any video that piques your interest” Both Disney channel and Disney Channel XD offer live streaming of the channels, The Weather App shows live weather forecast and will allow you to watch the Weather Channel weather forecast live,

Over the last year the Apple TV has seen a huge increase in sales, with over 13 million sold as of 2012 of which 50% was in less then a year, the question remains “When is the Apple TV going to get its own App Store?” 

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