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Tips and Tricks on How to improve Galaxy S5 Performance

After using the Galaxy S5 for some time you might start to experience performance issues. Unused running apps, Touchwiz and many other software related features will cause your device to slow down significantly over time, we are going to look at several Tips and Tricks that you can start using right away to improve Galaxy S5 performance.

3 Tips and Tricks on How to improve Galaxy S5 Performance

1. Using a custom Launcher and getting rid of TouchWiz

Samsung has received a lot of criticism about its launcher called TouchWiz as it affects device performance and installs a ton of bloatware (more on how to remove TouchWiz can be found here). The best way to prevent TouchWiz from affecting performance is by installing a custom Launcher.

This will allow you to customize the interface and get rid of the outdated TouchWiz launcher. You can learn more on how to install it here

2. Using ART instead of Dalvik

ART is known to perform much better then Dalvik and we highly recommend you choose it over Dalvik. You can enable ART in the Developer Options menu under “Select Runtime System”. A down side to using ART is that ART applications tend to require more memory space

3. Perform a Factory Reset to improve Galaxy S5 performance

Over time you accumulate all sorts of junk either from apps, downloads, firmware updates or any number of other sources this is why performing a proper factory reset of your device once in a while can be a great idea. We go however highly recommend you backup all of your data and check out our guide on How to perform a factory reset