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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has its own Bendgate issues

When the Bendgate issue first appeared with the iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung took the opportunity to make fun of Apple’s new device on different social networks with text like “Curved. Not Bent” but it appears that the fun is over as Samsung has some issues of its own with the new Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung introduced the Note 4 a couple of weeks ago and the device will become available on October 17 but unboxtherapy (the same guys that made the viral BendGate iPhone 6 Plus video) have now made a video showing that the device which has a metal chassis can also bend.


Galaxy Note 4 Bendgate and GapGate issue

While a bendable Galaxy Note 4 is one issue there is another one which has been named “GapGate” as a “small number” of devices seem to have a little gap between the bezel and the display, big enough to fit a folded piece of paper or a business card in it. You can read more about Samsung’s Gap issue here