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The Google Smartwatch is all about Google Now

The latest report about Google’s very own Smartwatch (codename “Gem”) could mean that it is ready within a couple of months the WSJ claims. It was no surprise to hear that it will be running Android, but WSJ also claims that the importance of Google Now in the device is incredible and you (as a user) won’t see much of “android”, instead it will be “heavily focused on the Google Now app”

Goolge Now is integrated in the Google Search app which is available on both Android and iOS. Google Now is a “intelligent personal assistant” and Google’s answer to Apple’s personal assistant Siri. This essentially means that Google want’s you to use the smartwatch with voice commands instead of touch gestures. Google Now is incredibly powerful and is currently being integrated in most of Google’s software and apps, take for example Google’s web browser Google chrome which got Google Now support back in Summer of 2013.

Many rumors about Google’s Smartwatch or better known at Google under the codename “Gem” have emerged in the last couple of weeks, various sources claim it will be running Android Kit Kat 4.4 and will be (like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear) a companion to your smartphone instead of a separate device.