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3 ways on How to get an Inbox by Gmail invitation

Google has recently announced a new app called “Inbox” some users have called it “gmail on steroids” as the app makes reading your emails a much more pleasant experience allowing you to automatically group emails together into categories, a new feature called Highlights and a reminder system.

The app is currently available for iOS and Android, you can download it here for Android (or Here for iOS) but there is a catch, it is currently invite only.

3 ways on how to get an Inbox by Gmail invitation

What? Invite only? Yes, Google is still “experimenting” with this app and wants to make it available to a limited number of users first before it becomes available to everybody. Google has recently send out a bunch of Inbox invites but if you are not among the lucky ones, you can increase your chances of an Inbox by Gmail invitation with the following methods:

  • Send [email protected] an email: The main way to get in is by sending [email protected] an email. The email doesn’t have to contain anything. This is your best chance to get an Inbox Invitation.
  • Ask a friend: Once someone has an invite, they can invite someone else. If you happen to know someone or have a family member that has gotten access to Inbox, make sure to ask them for an invite!
  • Using Social Media: as mentioned previously, once you have an invite, you can give one to someone else. Asking around on Social Media might be the best way to accomplish this. We highly recommend you use the hastag #InboxInvite and ask around to people offering free invites. We also recommend checking out the Gmail community on Google Plus.

Have an invite to give out? Make sure to leave a comment bellow and help fellow AmongTech readers out to get an Inbox by Gmail invite