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The Rise Of Online Casino - 2

The Rise Of Online Casino

As we entered into the new millennia, the last two decades have seen a meteoric rise in popularity in regards to online casinos. Online casino games have become extremely popular with many hardcore gamers and ether are many reasons as to why this new platform for gambling and casinos has seen such a monumental success. Perhaps…

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Three Best Robot Games - 5

Three Best Robot Games

Strike Suit Zero  Some mesh games appeal to ta-like combat, but the Strike Suite Zero has the thrill of piloting an agile death machine loaded with more missile launchers than the entire US Navy fleet. This is a Japanese run by its best place. You started piloting a fairly standard space fighter, but would soon come…

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Are Games The Cure To All Your Problems? - 9

Are Games The Cure To All Your Problems?

A big concern engulfing mothers across the globe is the addiction towards gaming. Luckily, there are already online addiction treatment available. With the increase in gaming console types and features, every kid has a Play Station that comes with an attractive range of features. For the gamers, it’s a valuable investment, for they can play multiplayer games…

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The Best Designed Video Game Controllers - 10

The Best Designed Video Game Controllers

With the new Xbox project announced at E3 this year, codenamed “Scarlett”, everyone is wondering what the next generation of consoles will bring. There’s predictions of the consoles being stream-only, and doing away with discs entirely. There’s even rumours of keyboard and mouse support for the next home console from Microsoft. Usually reserved for PC gamers,…

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