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The Games That Endure

Games have been with humankind for quite sometime now. Did you know that we have been playing a simple game like dice for over 4,000 years now? A few experts even think that the game of dice is quite likely one of the oldest games in existence.

Sure, it makes quite a bit of sense.

Dice is really simple to make, and if you know the concept of numbers and can place dots that resemble numbers on dice, then you can come up with a wide variety of games. A few archaeologists were conducting a dig within modern day Mesopotamia and found a set of dice. Now, no one genuinely knows what those old school persians were playing with that dice game but it is certain that they had quite a few uses for dice.

It is one game that has lasted for over 30 centuries.

But is dice the only game that has been around for quite some time now? No, there are quite a few games that have been around since the time of the great civilizations. These civilizations ranged from the Indus Valley civilization to the Chinese and other civilizations that have been a prominent part of history.

We still play games like dice to this very day. The rules and variations have not changed that much and still seem the same with some slight modifications.

Here are a few of the more modern games that people love this very day.

The Games That Endure - 1

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For the Love of Games

The Games That Endure - 2

We love video games for a variety of reasons. The first point is that they take us away from our present reality and teleport us into an entirely different dimension.

Of course, this does not take place literally, but it does take place in a way that makes our minds think that we are in an alternative realm altogether.

They act as a form of an escape from humdrum and sometimes extremely stressful lives. That is why it makes perfect sense that we have no qualms with choosing a fictional character, releasing troubles, and interacting in a whole new world.

All it takes is a computer or console, a headset, and a relatively peaceful and clean room.

But why do we love these particular games?

The answer is quite likely that there are few critical aspects involved that make a significant difference. These are a few of the aspects present within these games.

The first one is obviously that they are so good that they are able to take you away from your regular life. They are able to do so for even just a little bit of time and provide some much needed rest and relaxation.

The next reason is that these games tend to give you challenges to overcome and goals to reach. That is why they are fun and intriguing. There is friction involved in the process but it is fun to defeat enemies, jump on animated monsters, and collect coins on the way to defeating the big boss.

Guess what that entails?

That entails accomplishment.

Games not only provide fun but they provide a sense of accomplishment for many different people. These two critical aspects help people to stay involved and intrigued while releasing stress.

Remember that games help to provide a sense of importance and belonging, it helps you feel as though you are part of a specific community.

That is why it is no surprise to see games that range from Flappy Bird to Cut the Rope, and even Angry Birds, are on the list. They bring you in and keep you in because you want to go from one level to the next while having fun all along the way.

The best games that continue to endure will challenge people and will always have different elements of surprise and friction that compel one to move forward.

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