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Best Gaming Monitor on The Market?

Gaming has become an industry that is so competitive not just for the gameplay but also for the product and gadget developers as in more recent times gamers have been spending more and more on their set-ups and are willing to spend this money in order to get the best set up. Today we are looking into monitors a bit further and give you the best options from each price bracket.

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Best Gaming Monitor on The Market? - 1

The best gaming monitor, if you are on a budget, has to the be Acer XFA240 which you can pick up from Amazon. If you are seeking an affordable monitor that doesn’t slack in quality even though the price isn’t high then this is the monitor for you. Although this is the smallest monitor on our list, just 24 inches, it truly makes up for that with colours that are true due to the Nvidia and AMD graphic cards. The only drawback that you get with a budget monitor is that the response time will understandably be lower than the more premium monitors – one you wouldn’t notice unless you are a hardcore gamer though.

The best mid-ranged monitor for us is the Dell S3220DGF and to be honest, if we were going to buy any monitor then it would be this one due to it being well priced and with a seriously impressive spec. The fast refresh rate, very low response times, and unbelievable graphic cards that challenge any monitor all displayed of a 32-inch screen really make it the monitor to have.

And finally, if your budget stretches to the more premium end of the scale, why not splash out on the Razer Raptor 27 – combining excellent HDR contrast, vibrant colours, and the only monitor that covers nearly 100% DCI-P3, we can certainly see why this is the premium option on our list. This is the type of monitor that pro-level players will be choosing to battle it out against fellow pros, and the results are astonishing.