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3 Best Free Antivirus Android Apps 2015

More devices are getting infected with Malware every day. Thousands of Apps on the Play Store are infected with malware and Google doesn’t seem to do a whole lot about it, thats why it is time to start protecting your device from future virus and malware attacks. We have put together a list of the 3 Best Free Antivirus Android Apps 2015 and what makes them better then others.

We also highly recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Android available for your device and don’t install any unknown third party apps.

3 Best Free Antivirus Android Apps 2015

1. AVL Pro

AVL Pro antivirus Android 2015

AVL Pro is an award winning antivirus app. It isn’t popular for its advanced features instead it is well known for its little battery consumption and great basic protection. If you are simply looking for an app that can keep your device safe and not affect performance or battery consumption, you can check out AVL on the Play Store

2. AVG AntiVirus

AVG Android lollipop antivirus 2015

AVG is well known for its desktop antivirus but has also proven that it knows how to keep an Android smartphone safe. The app allows you to review your applications, your files, settings and more. Another handy feature is the protection included against theft allowing you to locate your device with Google Maps. Check out AVG on the Play Store 

3. CM Security

CM antivirus android 2015

CM Security is the most popular anti-virus on the list which is also part of the reason why it is our number 3. CM offers great basic protection with a ton of advanced features, it also fixes security vulnerabilities that are found in the system. Since it is the most popular one, hackers usually target apps like CM and optimize their malware to not be detected by its virus scanner. Check out CM security on the Play Store