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Several thousand AOL email accounts hacked

AOL has announced on Monday that it is currently investigating a security breach that affects several thousand AOL users. Hackers have gained access to several thousand email addresses, passwords, security questions, addresses and other highly personal information.

It is yet unknown if the passwords obtained were encrypted or not. AOL does let MarketWatch know that financial information hasn’t been compromised.

Our security team has put enhanced protective measures in place and we urge our users to take proactive steps to help ensure the security of their accounts.

Over the last couple of weeks a huge increase in spam emails had drawn AOL’s attention as the hackers were trying to imitate a legitimate AOL accounts to obtain user information. The exact number of accounts affected is yet unknown.

  • How do i know if i have been affected? There is currently no way of knowing if you AOL account has been compromised.
  • What should i do to keep my information and account safe? AOL recommends all users change the password of their account, since it has now fixed the issue and hackers won’t be able to obtain the new password.

Update: We now know roughly 2% of all AOL account have been affected.

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