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Harvard and MIT students team up to create ProtonMail

Harvard and MIT students have teamed up to a create a new end to end encrypted mailing service called ProtonMail, the new “NSA proof” mailing service was created after the students heard of Edward Snowden and privacy issues

We thought it was really important to make an easy user interface, so we’ve abstracted out all the encryption, Literally, if you can use Gmail, you can use ProtonMail

Previous encrypted mailing services required users to configure confusing settings and install additional software, the students from Harvard and MIT have really been focusing on creating an easy-to-use and friendly-looking interface. The service launched its open beta on Saturday and is based in Switzerland and the .ch domain will prevent it from “disappearing” as Lavabit did.

In order to log into the service you are required to fill in 2 passwords, one to get access to your account and the other one to decrypt the emails so you can read them, the service is also 100% anonymous as it doesn’t store any metadata or IP address.

As far as software encryption goes the services use AES, RSA, OpenPGP, and any other encryption service that is open source, it also has encrypted hardware using multi-password disk drivers, each password belongs to a team member which only if combined, will be able to unlock the hard drive. The service is also 100% Free.