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How to Sideload Cyanogen OS 12 on the OnePlus One

Cyanogen has after much waiting finally released Cyanogen OS 12 for the OnePlus One. Cyanogen OS 12 is based on Android 5.0 Lollipop and combines the best of Android and Cyanogenmod. While the OTA has already been released, it could take a few days before it reaches your device as it is being rolled out in stages.

It is still possible to sideload Cyanogen OS 12 on your device, this doesn’t void the device’s warranty or delete any apps on your device. It does require an unlocked bootloader. Follow the guide bellow to sideload Cyanogen OS 12 on your OnePlus One

How to Sideload Cyanogen OS 12

sideload cyanogen os 12

  1. Download Cyanogen OS 12
  2. Rename the downloaded file to “”
  3.  transfer it the internal storage of your OnePlus One
  4. On your OnePlus One device, head over to settings and enable “Developer Options” (this can be done by tapping on the build number several times)
  5. enable the ‘Advanced Reboot’ menu once Developer Options have been enabled
  6. Hold the power button until a popup appears. Select the Recovery option
  7. Once it has booted up,  select the ‘apply update’ option
  8. Then the  ‘apply from internal storage.’
  9. Choose the file
  10. Reboot your device once it is done installed
  11. You have successfully sideload Cyanogen OS 12 on your OnePlus One

I received “Status 7 Error”: This error appears if you have modified the System Partition in any way. Reinstall CM11S on your device and try the installation process again.

Cyanogen OS 12 boot screen