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Cyanogenmod 12S release date set for April 9

Android 5.1 has been out for some time now but the official release of Cyanogenmod 12S which is based on Android 5.1 has yet to be official released. While multiple times the ETA of the Cyanogenmod 12S release date has been set back, it appears that now we have a final date according to Steve Kondik the current  Founder / CTO of Cyanogenmod.

On an Google Plus post made April 5th Kondik confirms that it will take about 4 days for the CM12S certification to pass through which could mean that the Cyanogenmod 12S release Date is set to be this weekend (April 9th – April 12th)

CM12S release date

It is yet unknown how long it will take for cyanogenmod 12S to arrive on OnePlus One devices after it has passed certification but we will hear more about it later this week. Make sure to check out our list of new features and changes arriving in Cyanogenmod 12S

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