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Users reporting charger issues with Samsung Gear Live

Samsung has recently announced the new Samsung Gear Live, a version of the Gear smartwatch but instead of running on Tizen, the watch runs Google’s latest operation system Android Wear. We have previously made an article about Galaxy S4 caching fire while charging and it seems that Samsung hasn’t been having much luck when it comes to making chargers.

Already 3 users have reported issues with the Gear Live smartwatch which they got at Google I/O, leading to the conclusion that “Samsung can die in a fire” according to Rory Glynn which after removing the device from its charger it also removed a chunk from the actual watch

 I removed the charging cradle from my watch and removed a chunk of watch at the same time, so now the cradle no-longer clips to the watch.

Samsung refused to help Glynn get a new device and eventually he contacted Google which told him they would give him a free device to replace the old broken one. Our second case is from Markus Planitz which after 4 charging cycles, he had the same issue as Rory Glynn. Ok so maybe 2 people had a defect charger, this happens, right? Well, Hasan Hosgel is the third person to have the exact same issue.

The problem seems to be the small chip that connects to the device and charges it, several users which have the watch since Google I/O have reported that the “design of the charger is simply useless” and it has to be changed before Samsung officially releases the device.