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How Tech Enhances Experiential Marketing - 6

How Tech Enhances Experiential Marketing

Many of today’s most successful marketing campaigns rely on engagement. Rather than fixed pieces of communication, they provide unique points of contact with consumers that build relationships. These encounters promote excitement and interest, but more importantly, they nurture reciprocal interaction that leads to loyalty, passion and, ultimately, brand love. The result: increased sales. Indeed, a…

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Android 6.0 M Logo

Android M Compatible Devices – A full list of compatible Android M devices

As Google I/O comes closer, speculation on what devices will receive the upcoming Android 6.0 "Muffin" update have already started. During this year's Google I/O 2015 taking place at  at 12:30PM on 28 May Google will release Android M, the update will bring new improvements like multi windows, new notifications, built in Android auto support, Android…

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