Watch the Galaxy S6 Unpacked 2015 Livestream

Samsung is revealing the new Galaxy S6 at its Unpacked 2015 event taking place at MWC 2015 in Barcelona.

Samsung has been teasing the new Galaxy S6 for some time now and many leaks and rumors have been published over the last few weeks but on March 1 at 9:30AM PT Samsung will finally reveal the new Galaxy S6. Make sure to check out the list of confirmed Galaxy S6 carriers and prices

 Unpacked 2015 Livestream Schedule

The livestream will take place March 1 2015 and will start at 9:30AM PT, here is the starting time for different time zones:

  • 6:30PM CET (countries like Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Sweden etc.)
  • 12:30PM EST (Includes States like New York, Florida, Ohio, South Carolina etc.)
  • 9:30AM PST (Includes states like California, Nevada etc.)
  • 5:30 PM UTC (Includes countries like the UK)

Unpacked 2015 Livestream HD

Bellow is the livestream of the event. It will start at the designated time (6:30PM in Barcelona, where the event is taking place). No need to refresh the page, the livestream will start by it self

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