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New Google TV codename “Molly” to feature Nvidia Tegra chipset

New code in the Android Kit Kat 4.4.3 changelist spotted by XDA Developers point to a new device with codename “Molly” (a species of Fish, more about it here) which appears to be referring to Google’s upcoming Set Top Box (Google TV) running on Android TV of which we first heard a couple of weeks ago from The Verge.

The interesting thing is that Molly keeps referring to Android Home, Pano (codename for the TV optimized UI version of Android) and several other things like a Pre-pair Game controller. It also mentioned Nvidia Tegra several times which could mean that the upcoming device could feature the new Nvidia Tegra chipset. Here are some of the interesting lines of code found in the chanelist :

  • Line 214: First mention of the project and the Set Top Box
  • Line 3683: to-do list of things that still have to be done to Molly
  • Line 3790: Mentioning Nvidia Chipset
  • Line 3875: Mentioning the Pre-Pair game controller
  • Line 4459: Mentioning a remote Card Service which starts when booting up the device

Other then that the document has a lot of mentions to 64-bit and 64 bit, where 64 bit is the size and 64-bit is the architecture. It seems like Google is working on a new device to be able to stay ahead of the competition as Amazon has recently launched its Fire TV and the latest rumors regarding the Apple TV also point to support for gaming. Could this mean Google is finally working on a 64-bit Android version? Let us know in a comment!

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